• Requirements for Admission

We admit students in IFAK without any distinction, however a student willing to join IFAK adhere to the following:

  • Agree that the school is the very best environment for you;
  • Want to be challenged by great teachers who will expect much from the student;
  • Want to improve Languages speaking, writing, and reading;
  • Want to study Ordinary Level or the following Combinations: PCM, MCB, MEG and MCE
  • Want to learn how to be a leader and learn new skills, talents, and interests;
  • You want to discover your leadership potential and learn how you can impact your community;
  • You want to have fun (while working hard, too)!


  • Application for Admission


To be admitted to IFAK, the following are taken into account:

  • The school report, especially the student position in class;
  • The quality of answers on the IFAK admission Test;
  • Senior 3 National Examination results; and other factors such as leadership potential, extracurricular talents, and skills, etc.


  • Fees Structure