As part of the preparation for the feast of Saint John Bosco, IFAK organized, on January 30, a recollection. In a climate of meditation, the Dean of discipline, Fratri Jean Marie HITIMANA developed the theme of divine mercy. After an introductory prayer, he first recalled that we all need God’s mercy.
By citing a few biblical verses, he showed that God never ceases to show his love for the man he created. In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve disobeyed by eating the forbidden fruit; they deserved a serious punishment but, in his goodness, God gave them clothes to hide their nakedness which was a consequence of their sin. The story of Cain who killed his brother also showed us that God loves us despite our sins: a sign put on his forehead was his protection so that he would not be killed in turn.
In the New Testament, the father welcomes his prodigal son. The father who welcomes him and forgives him when he recognizes that he has done wrong in wasting his goods, represents our Heavenly Father, the merciful Father.
This last example shows us two things: the son who stands up to ask for forgiveness and the Father who forgives. Man must be aware of his evil deeds, and have the courage to ask for forgiveness. Yes, God is merciful, but requires man commitment.
God created us without us but he cannot save us without us, said St. Augustin. Man must commit to salvation, concluded the recollection preacher.
After the conference, there was Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and an opportunity to confess.
A big thank you to those who contributed to make this recollection a success.
Fratri Henri-Alain Nsabimana, sdb


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    Good Dean of studies , i know you are in good positions to help these young generations

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