Like other students in the whole country, from Friday 18 June to Tuesday 29 June 2021 IFAK students were sitting for 3rd term examinations, in order to end the academic year 2020-2021. This school year started in January 2020, to end in this July 2021 with national exams for senior 3 and senior 6 leavers. It has been the longest and the most complex school year for the present generation. 

From March 14, 2020 when the first covid-19 case was confirmed in Rwanda, lessons were interrupted four(4) times, for health measures against that famous pandemic. We can remember the two general lockdowns and the closure of Kigali schools, temporary quarantines for students who were infected, the compulsory wearing of facemasks for all, the enforcement of special hygienic policies, and other unpredictable related impairments. All of this disturbed the learning process in one way or another. Therefore the day to end this academic year was thought as a daydreaming. Even the fact, IFAK students have been so audacious until the end, even more than before. 

This is can be seen on how willingly they put into practice all proposed regulations to cope with covid-19 wave, on how dynamically senior 3 and senior 6 students continued to prepare for national exams, and on how the pandemic has not ravaged the school comparatively to what happened to other academic institutions in Rwanda and in elsewhere. 

The examination period lasted a week and a half. Just at the end of the last exam, the ministry of education ordered all schools to close, and students to go home, in order to avoid the huge 3rd covid-19 wave which was spreading in the country. Nevertheless, with ICT means, the school is still assisting senior 3 and senior 6 students in their preparations for the coming national examinations. 

The school takes this opportunity to express its gratefulness to all who contributed efforts in order to end this academic year. It is also right and just to wish good luck to our national exams candidates, and happy holidays to all our students and our teaching staff. May God bless you all. 

Article by Mr. NDAHAYO Ferdinand 

Teacher of Swahili and Kinyarwanda at IFAK.

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