From 2nd December 2019 to 13th December 2019, A coding Bootcamp organised by MINICT was taking Place at IFAK, On 13th December 2019, The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT Ms. Claudette Irere attended the Closing of the 2nd edition of that Coding bootcamp at IFAK , That bootcamp brought together 350 students aged between 13 – 18 at different Campuses in Kigali to be introduced to basic coding skills during their school holiday.

Interacting with the students, PS Claudette told them they should use this learning to be agents of change: to develop solutions for their schools and communities.
Through the program, #Rwanda aims to stimulate students’ mindsets to embrace #coding as a future career, providing a platform to cultivate mathematical intuition; logical thinking, problem solving & empowering them to excel other #STEM fields.
In Sept. 2019, #MINICT conducted a pilot phase & 50 students joined from various schools around #Kigali. They underwent an intensive training in software programming with basics like HTML & CSS, & concluded the program by each student designing their own web.
This time round, 350 students are attending the two-week program which took place across eight (8) campuses in #Kigali & beyond & concluded with each student presenting their final project on demo day.



  1. Blaise Viateur Niyigena

    I’m glad and very honored that My school continues to aim for excellence. Evangelization, hard work, having fun. let’s make the difference.

    Blaise Viateur N.
    Class of 2009.

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