On May 25, 2021 the Ministry of education has awarded five national winners of Mathematics Competition for Advanced Secondary Schools students pursuing Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. The mathematics competition was organized by the University of Rwanda, through its Department of Mathematics, in collaboration with the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Rwanda) and Ministry of Education, to discover, encourage and challenge mathematically gifted young students. 

The competition started in February 2020, but it was halted due to Covid-19 until April 2021. At initial stage, 79 students across the country were shortlisted at provincial level, and 53 proceeded at national level, where the best five were selected. 

IFAK Kimihurura was initially represented by 5 students: 3 of S.6 and 2 of S.5. Asafu TUYISENGE was the only IFAK candidate to cross the 1st phase of competition (the provincial level) to sit for the national phase. As he said himself, after the last phase competition he felt a very big confidence that he would have won, because the examination looked not very strange to him, and his mathematics teacher, Francois HAKIZIMANA, had done his best to prepare him for winning. As a result, Asafu Tuyisenge, the candidate of IFAK Kimihurura, has won the 4th place at national level in Mathematics. 

The rewards were as following: 

Honorone MUNEZERO (Lycee Notre Dame De Citeaux) was the first winner. She took an IPAD and $250. She was followed by David Shingiro from Lycee de Kigali (MPC), Asafu TUYINSENGE from IFAK KIMIHURURA (PCM), and Nadine Akimana from Byimana School of Sciences. These three also got laptops and $250 for each. All five winners were also rewarded with scholarships to study at University of Rwanda in the upcoming academic year. 

According to the Ministry of Education, the government of Rwanda has given the teaching and learning of Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics a special place in education system to improve innovation and technology. I am saying thank you, but also informing you that you can do Education for Primary and Secondary Education, told the winners. Asafu is 19 years old. He is studying in Senior 6 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. IFAK School has warmly received his victory as its own pride. 

But even the fact, now Asafu is busy working hard to achieve much better in the upcoming national examinations. Congratulations ASAFU! Congratulations to his Mathematics teachers! Congratulations to IFAK School.

NDANDARI Lewis (S. 6 MCE) 

NZUNGIZE Aubin Henry (S. 6 MCE) 


NKUBITO Lixon (S. 6 MEG) 

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