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Principal's Message

Dear visitors,

On behalf of the entire team and staff, I feel very honored and privileged to welcome all of you to this portal as Headmaster of IFAK (Institut de Formation Apostolique de Kimihurura). IFAK is a Private Secondary School belonging to the Salesian Congregation and located at Kimihurura, Gasabo District, in the City Kigali. Founded in 1964, IFAK has celebrated its golden jubilee in 2015, more than a half century of education and evangelisation, making thus a valuable contribution to our nation.

Our school is well known by its outstanding reputation for establishing high expectations and achieving excellent academic results through a complete and holistic formation offered at IFAK. IFAK, as an Educational Institution, wants to provide to the young people a wide opportunity to develop holistic knowledge and skills, to acquire a positive attitude and a critical thinking, which will help them to be competitive at the labor market, contributing thus to the social and political life of our country. The school follows the national program in both Ordinary Levels (S1-S3) and Advanced Levels (S4-S6). Rwanda National Curriculum, infusing student-centered teaching strategies designed to develop critical thinking and leadership skills

We do believe that science without conscience becomes the ruin of soul, whence our twosome which forms our motto: Scientia et Sapientia/ Science and wisdom.

Drawing its inspiration from Don Bosco’s education system known as “preventive system” and from the Christian values, in close conformity of the framed indications of Ministry of Education in Rwanda, IFAK seeks to journey with our students in their growth process, educating and evangelizing, preparing them to become “Good Christians and honesty citizens”. Contrary to the “repressive system which consists in making the subjects, and afterwards watching to discover the transgressors of the rules and regulations, and inflicting, when necessary, the punishment deserved; the preventive system consists in making institute’s rules and regulations known, and then watching carefully so that the students may at all times be under the vigilant eye of the assistants, who, like loving fathers, can converse with them, take the lead in every movement and in a kindly ways give advice and correction. In other words, this system places the students in the impossibility of committing faults. Preventive system develops a positive discipline, emphasizing on the concept of self-discipline and self-control, under the friendly and fatherly guidance of the educators. The preventive system is entirely based on reason and religion, and above all on loving kindness.

In keeping with the spirit of Saint John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians, whereby ‘education is a matter of the heart’ that leads young people to ‘know that they are loved’, IFAK community of today is challenged to be “a home that welcomes the young people, a school that prepares them for life, a church that brings them to God, a playground where they can enjoy themselves and become friends” (Don Bosco).

Rev. Father Jean Bosco NTIRENGANYA
Headmaster of IFAK
Contact: +250 782 379 300

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