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Values and Spirit

– Religion/Christ-centredness:
We acknowledge and do believe in the Lordship of Christ, striving to know and obey God’s will and challenging ingrained secular thinking in education. For Don Bosco this was not a matter of speculative or abstract religion, but a living faith rooted in the reality of the presence of God in the world.


– Reason:
In line with the optimistic humanism of St Francis de Sales, the term “Reason” refers to that whole range of human activity which is the matter of education. Of its very nature, education is “humanistic” in its aims, processes and outcomes. “Reason” emphasises basic human values such as the freedom and dignity of the individual, the primacy of conscience, the goodness of creation and culture, and the worth of work and social living.

– Loving-Kindness:
“Loving-kindness” is more a daily attitude of love that has the good of the other at heart and which works so that the students realise their potential with growing independence. This is not just an attitude of shallow niceness. Real love challenges. Rather, it is an attitude expressed in practice in the commitment of the educator as a person dedicated to the good of the students. Educators are present in the midst of the young, prepared to offer guidance and correction where and when necessary, and ready to accept sacrifices and hard work in the fulfilment of their mission.

– Integrity:
Refers to the sound moral character as defined by biblical principles of upholding honesty and transparency, truthfulness, faithfulness and exercising humility.

– Patriotism:

– Hard work:

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