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IFAK is well placed in Kigali and is located on approximately …… hectares of beautiful land. The campus includes student dormitories, a dining hall with attached kitchen, sciences labs and Computer labs, and sports fields. Internationally recognized architecture firm, has generously donated their time and resources to create a design for the school that is environmentally sustainable, echoes local architecture, and supports a thriving learning environment.

Boarding Students

The Boarding students are boys from senior one up to senior six who make an annual application to be a boarding student. The application is evaluated by the school management and a confirmation is made for admitted students. The school for now accommodates only a few number of   boys for the boarding.

Day Scholars

The day scholars are both the girls and boys, they come at school from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm for the courses. After courses they join the boarding students for sports and other planned activities and go home at 5:30pm. The activities after 4:30pm are not compulsory for the day scholars.


Community life

     Morning and Evening Talks

Each morning and evening the entire community gathers together to pray and share information of the day, but more importantly to provide a venue where every student has the chance to contribute. The talk is made by staffs to equip the students with advices that help them to grow spiritually and intellectually. The morning talk is an uplifting experience comprised of both serious news and fun activities.

      Dorm Life

The dormitory is your home with your “family” of colleagues. We expect you to treat the facility and others’ possessions with respect, and to do your share of jobs to keep the dorm clean and safe. The dorm Patron know the students well, and they are there to help you adjust to life and school and to deal with problems as they come up. But of course the best part of dorm life is getting to make new friends from all over Rwanda and some few foreigners. The dorm is also a place where there are leadership opportunities such as the dorm, discipline and health prefect positions.

     Religious Life

Every Thursday at 1: 00 pm there is a mass in the Community Chapel that is entirely planned and run by students. It is an inspiring and joyful 1 hour of singing, and preaching. In addition, IFAK supports all religious traditions such as Protestants, Pentecost, Adventists, etc. If you have special religious needs at any time you should discuss those with the Dean of Discipline.

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