Students at IFAK begin weekly tests to prepare for the National Examinations

Today, the Ordinary Level finalists (O’ Level) at IFAK (Institut de Formation Apostolique de Kimihurura) began weekly tests with the aim of sharpening their skills and abilities in preparing for the national examinations efficiently. The Dean of Studies at IFAK, Isaïe Mwizerwa, has explained that teachers prepare weekly tests for students of senior three and six […]

Starting Academic Year 2023/2024: Rev. Father Ntirenganya urges the students of IFAK to work hard

Today, the students of IFAK (Institut de Formation Apostolique de Kimihurura) commenced the new academic year with a determination to diligently work, uphold discipline, and prioritize prayer as indispensable components of their accomplishments. In the morning assembly, Rev. Father Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, the principal of IFAK, counseled the students to tirelessly strive, collaborate, unite, and […]


This Monday, May 1, 2023, at the occasion of the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker and the International Labor Day, the employees of the different sectors of the Works of Don Bosco Kimihurura-IFAK  gathered at Don Bosco Muhazi recreational center to celebrate this feast and to reflect once again  to their mission at IFAK, […]