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This Monday, May 1, 2023, at the occasion of the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker and the International Labor Day, the employees of the different sectors of the Works of Don Bosco Kimihurura-IFAK  gathered at Don Bosco Muhazi recreational center to celebrate this feast and to reflect once again  to their mission at IFAK, The Headmaster of IFAK Rev. Father Jean Bosco NTIRENGANYA welcomed them and wished them a good day, He pointed out very well that their mission constitutes the greatest percentage of their sanctification journey. In his speech he  said “…I am convinced that in our journey to  Holiness , 40 percent is  based on our daily work, the other 40 percent is  based on how we live in harmony in family and with our  neighbors, the church is only 20 percent…”, it shows us that we have to redouble our efforts to do our job well with all the energy we have.

The ceremonies of the feast began with a presentation by Father Jean Pierre TURABANYE, sdb on the preventive system of Don Bosco and the Strenna of the Rector Major who invites the Salesians to become like yeast in the midst of their collaborators. This presentation has greatly emphasized  on the elements of the preventive system and the practical methods for implementing it. The teachers in the different sectors of the work gave ideas, challenges and have understood the need to apply this method because it constitutes an indelible seal for the Salesian works.

After the presentation, the Mass took place, which is the prayer that surpasses the others to celebrate the day. In the homily, Father Jean Bosco NTIRENGANYA, Director of IFAK, talked a lot about the Sunday readings of the Good Shepherd and those of the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. He said that we must be good shepherds in the footsteps of Christ who is the good shepherd and who gives his life for his sheep. he said that the mercenary runs when the wolf arrives in the herds, he said that in our educational mission, we must give ourselves to ensure that we have done our best, the work requires a lot to achieve this, we need this  highest dedication and commitment.

After mass, it was a very good opportunity to share the feast meal which was well prepared. The speeches of thanks from the teachers and the management of the school returned to the good initiatives acquired in the exchanges of the presentation. The party was closed with smiles on the faces of the workers  of Don Bosco-IFAK Kimihurura and its affiliated sectors of the Work.

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