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Starting Academic Year 2023/2024: Rev. Father Ntirenganya urges the students of IFAK to work hard

By Cyprien Niyomwungeri

Today, the students of IFAK (Institut de Formation Apostolique de Kimihurura) commenced the new academic year with a determination to diligently work, uphold discipline, and prioritize prayer as indispensable components of their accomplishments.


In the morning assembly, Rev. Father Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, the principal of IFAK, counseled the students to tirelessly strive, collaborate, unite, and exhibit respect towards one another, seeking guidance from the teachings of Saint Don Bosco.


The opening of the school year at IFAK happened on September 25, 2023. This event gathered the school teaching community, students, and some of the parents who have children studying at IFAK.


Hard work, discipline, and prayer are the three keys to success, according to Rev. Father Ntirenganya, who recommended students to follow them as their compass.


“Everybody must put forth a lot of effort. God gives you wisdom, but in order to achieve, you must put in the effort. Another essential component of success is discipline; without discipline, nothing in life is possible. Rev. Father Ntirenganya stated.


Additionally, he underlined the importance of prayer and urged the students to pray about whatever they undertake.


“Pray, no matter what you do. God bless your efforts, tenacity, and discipline when you pray. Father Rev. Ntirenganya noted


Rev. Father Ntirenganya urged IFAK students to act in a spirit of family where everyone plays a part.


The Dean of Studies at IFAK, Isaïe Mwizerwa, wishes the students a better start to the upcoming academic year 2023/2024 and encourages them to work hard so that they can look back on the year with success.


IFAK is a Private secondary School located at Kimihurura sector, Gasabo District in Kigali city. The school belongs to the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious congregation, a catholic Church Faith based organization recognized and registered as a legal entity as “Oeuvres de Don Bosco au Rwanda”.

The School has been operating since 1964, serving the nation through education and evangelization of the young people. Actually, the school has both ordinary level and Advanced level. In advanced level the school has five combinations namely PCM (Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics), MCB (Mathematics –Chemistry-Biology), MCE (Mathematics-Computer Science-Economics), MEG (Mathematics-Economics-Geography) and MPC (Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science).

IFAK as an Educational Institution, wants to provide to the young people a wide opportunity to develop holistic knowledge and skills, to acquire a positive attitude and a critical thinking, which will help them to be competitive at the labor market, contributing thus to the social and political life of our country.


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