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Fr. Alphonse Owoudou Visits Don Bosco IFAK Kimihurura  


Kigali– The Salesian community of Don Bosco IFAK Kimihurura has the honor of welcoming Fr. Alphonse Owoudou, the Regional Councillor for the Africa-Madagascar Region. His visit is a significant occasion for the students, teachers, and Salesians, as it coincided with the Feast of Mary Help of Christians, a day of profound spiritual significance for the Salesian family.

Fr. Owoudou’s visit is marked by several key events, including his morning talk to the students where he shared three fundamental motivations for life: Subsistence, Competency, and Competitiveness.

“Subsistence is the foundation of our existence. It is about meeting our basic needs and ensuring that we can sustain ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Without this base, we cannot aspire to higher goals.”

Moving to the second motivation, Fr. Owoudou highlighted “Competency.” He stressed the importance of developing skills and knowledge. “Competency is about being good at what you do. It requires dedication, learning, and constant improvement. It is through competency that we find our purpose and contribute meaningfully to society.”

Finally, Fr. Owoudou spoke on “Competitiveness.” He clarified that competitiveness should not be about outdoing others at any cost but striving to be the best version of oneself. “Competitiveness drives us to set higher goals and push our limits. It encourages innovation and excellence. In the spirit of healthy competition, we grow and help those around us to grow as well.”

As the Salesian community continues to nurture and educate young minds, the motivations shared by Fr. Owoudou serve as a guiding light, encouraging all to strive for a balanced and fulfilling life, grounded in faith and excellence.

Fr. Alphonse Owoudou, the Regional Councillor for the Africa-Madagascar Region
Rev. Father Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, the Principal of Don Bosco IFAK Kimihurura
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