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Kwibuka30: IFAK Don Bosco commemorates the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi


On Friday, June 7, 2024, students, staff, and invited guests at IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura gathered for the 30th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. This solemn occasion was a time for reflection, remembrance, and honoring the memory of over one million lives lost in just three months.

The day began with moments of reflection and remembrance, including a candlelight vigil and a minute of silence to honor the victims. High school students contributed to the event’s significance by performing a play, reciting poems, and singing songs.

A poignant moment came when staff members, students, and the families of the deceased laid wreaths on a memorial monument at IFAK Kimihurura in honor of former employees who perished during the genocide.

Rev. Father Ntirenganya Jean Bosco, the Principal of IFAK, emphasized that the commemoration included various educational activities aimed at raising awareness about the genocide.

Rev. Father Ntirenganya highlighted the importance of genocide commemoration, urging the youth to safeguard Rwanda’s progress.

He stated, “The commemoration is the source of our resilience and commitment to say ‘Never Again,’ not only verbally but also in actions through fighting against genocide ideology, which destroyed our country.”

He stressed the significance of fostering a culture of remembrance, reconciliation, and unity among learners, educators, and the wider community.

According to Rev. Father Ntirenganya, understanding Rwanda’s dark history is crucial for preparing a better future. Educating the youth about Rwandan history helps them combat genocide ideology, especially the misinformation spread on social media.

“IFAK encompasses Nursery, Primary, and Secondary education levels; it is our responsibility to keep equipping them with values so that they safeguard Rwanda’s progress and avoid those who dream of bringing our country back to its dark history,” Rev. Father Ntirenganya added.

Ngarambe François Xavier, a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, shared his harrowing testimony of the tragic events that claimed his family. He recalled how neighbors took refuge at IFAK because of the presence of UNAMIR soldiers, only to be left vulnerable on April 9, 1994, when the soldiers departed, leaving them at the Interahamwe and Ex-FAR hands.

“I urge you to love each other. We survived to love; if we do not love each other, we may repeat the worst that happened,” Ngarambe said.

Ngenzi Chretien, the AERG MPORE/IFAK coordinator, reminded the youth of their responsibility to fight genocide denial, especially on social media.

“Let us use social media to fight the genocide deniers and to prevent the negative ideology of those who want to destroy the unity of Rwandans,” he urged.

Maj Gen Emmy Ruvusha, the Commander of the 1st Division, which covers the City of Kigali and Eastern Province, encouraged students to always recognize the heroism of the RPA soldiers who stopped the genocide and rebuilt the country. “Avoid genocide ideology, divisionism, and preserve the unity of Rwandans,” he advised.

Senator Nkurunziza Innocent also addressed the students, encouraging them to be ambitious to continue the good works initiated by Rwanda’s liberators.

The commemoration at IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura served as a powerful reminder of Rwanda’s tragic past and the enduring commitment to ensuring such atrocities never happen again.

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