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Studying science with a balance of theory and practice nurtures well-rounded scientists who can not only understand the principles governing the universe but also apply them to solve complex problems and drive innovation forward.

The students of IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura are privileged to have access to Science Laboratories, which assist them in enhancing their mastery of scientific subjects, developing scientific reasoning abilities, increasing their understanding of the complexity and ambiguity of empirical work, honing practical skills, and deepening their understanding of the nature of science.

IFAK boasts laboratories for all sciences, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The students are enthusiastic about studying sciences both theoretically and practically, recognizing the benefits of creativity and competitiveness in the global market.

Recently, the IFAK Magazine visited the students of Senior 5 MCB (Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology) who were engaged in Practical Biology, including dissection exercises of a toad, and Senior 6 MCB students who were dissecting mammal eyes, specifically those of cows.

Epimaque Uwishema, the Biology teacher, commended IFAK’s commitment to fostering science education, aligning with Don Bosco’s mission of educating and evangelizing young people to become honest citizens and good Christians.

Uwishema emphasized that teaching science through both theory and practice helps students understand science more deeply, preventing it from being perceived as merely abstract knowledge to memorize.

“If you teach science solely through theory, students may perceive it as abstract. Our approach ensures students master and retain what they learn. Hands-on experiences leave a lasting impression,” remarked Uwishema.

Recognizing the pivotal role of science in daily life, IFAK follows the Government of Rwanda’s Competence-Based Curriculum, encouraging active student participation in education. Practical experiences in science equip students with the competitiveness needed in the labor market.

“At IFAK, we are nurturing youth who will contribute positively to Rwanda and the world at large, equipped with the skills and knowledge to do so. We also instill creativity in them,” added Uwishema.

Many Biology students aspire to pursue health-related courses, and IFAK supports them in realizing their dreams.

As an educational institution, IFAK aims to provide young people with a broad range of opportunities to develop holistic knowledge and skills, cultivate a positive attitude, and foster critical thinking, ultimately enabling them to compete in the labor market and contribute to the social and political life of the country.

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