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Training on Child Protection and Safeguarding Offered at Don Bosco IFAK in Kigali


From Tuesday, a three day training on Child Protection and Safeguarding was offered at three Salesian schools namely IFAK, EPAK, and Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School.

In a recent interview with the Training Facilitator, Isaïe Mwizerwa, Dean of Studies at IFAK, emphasized the importance of this training for educators in Salesian institutions, stating that they play a crucial role in preventing and addressing child abuse.

He said that “By equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills to protect children from harm, a safer environment for learning and growth can be created.”

The goal of the training program is to not only change teachers’ behavior towards children by teaching them effectively, but also by actively protecting them from violence.

Mwizerwa said “This initiative is aligned with the Don Bosco Educational Preventive System, providing teachers with a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate child protection practices into their daily work.”

Teachers from IFAK, EPAK, and Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School have already undergone this training, ensuring that these institutions are equipped with knowledgeable and proactive educators who are committed to the safety and well-being of all children.

This training program is a significant step towards ensuring the protection of children in Salesian institutions, and it is hoped that it will have a positive impact on the safety and well-being of all students.

The training followed the ToTs offered by the Don Bosco Tech Africa, an organ that is overseeing the implementation of the Child Protection Policy in the Salesian Centres across Africa.

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