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IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura Students Elect New Leaders: A Glimpse into the Future


Each year, IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura holds elections to choose student leaders who will represent their peers and collaborate closely with the administration to enhance the overall school experience. This year, the elections occurred on Tuesday, October 24th, 2023.

The available positions for election total 12, including Student Head Boy, Head Girl, Discipline Coordinator, Study Coordinator, Information Coordinator, Clubs and Movement Coordinator, Dining Hall Coordinator, Art and Culture Coordinator, Environmental Coordinator, Sports Coordinator, Prayers Coordinator, and Feminine Affairs Coordinator.

Ngwije Ben Axel from Senior Six was voted the Head Boy

During the campaign period, candidates presented their platforms and ideas to their fellow students, pledging to bring about positive changes within the school community.

Ngwije Ben Axel from Senior Six was elected as Head Boy, and Bwuzu Linda Cleo from Senior Five was chosen as Head Girl. These results were announced by Rev. Father Jean Bosco Ntirenganya, the Headmaster of IFAK, during the Holy Mass that marked the opening of the 2023-2024 School Year.

Other elected leaders include Ganza Landry Simplice as the Discipline Coordinator, Nyange Ravinia as the Study Coordinator, Nziza Ngombwa as the Information Coordinator, Ingabire Jean Racine as the Clubs and Movement Coordinator, Karambizi Mugisha Kennedy as the Dining Hall Coordinator, Rusaro Uwera Ritha as the Art and Culture Coordinator, Uwayo Joella as the Environmental Coordinator, Niyomugabo Philemon as the Sports Coordinator, Uwase Sandrine as the Prayers Coordinator, and Iribagiza Keza Henriette as the Feminine Affairs Coordinator.

Rev. Father Ntirenganya expressed his gratitude to the outgoing student committee for their dedicated service and impact during their one-year tenure. He also urged the students to respect and cooperate with their leaders, emphasizing the importance of listening to and supporting them.

He said, “You have elected capable leaders, and I expect you to respect them because leaders guide those in motion. Listen to them and stand by them. I don’t want to hear about any disobedience toward these chosen leaders of yours.”

Rev. Father Ntirenganya also reminded the newly elected leaders to fulfill their responsibilities in the best interests of their peers and to maintain a close working relationship with the administration. He stressed the significance of having a structured work plan and encouraged the leaders to adopt this productive habit.

The outgoing Head Boy, Intwari Pierrvi Banna, expressed his appreciation for the support from the IFAK Administration and thanked his fellow students for their love, cooperation, and respect.

The newly elected leaders displayed determination and readiness to assume their roles. Student Head Boy Ngwije Ben Axel conveyed his commitment to promoting unity and ensuring that every student’s voice would be heard.

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to those who voted for him and placed their trust in his leadership abilities. “I strongly believe in the power of unity and love, and I am dedicated to fostering a sense of togetherness within our school community. Your voices are important, and I promise to be a devoted advocate for your needs and aspirations,” said Ngwije.

The Dean of Discipline, Father Jean Claude Asifiwe, commended the outgoing committee for their efforts and encouraged the newly elected committee to maintain their collaboration with the school administration, allowing existing initiatives to thrive.

Throughout the school year, the student leaders remained true to their promises. They organized events, improved communication with their peers and teachers, and contributed to creating a vibrant and inclusive school environment.

The Newly elected committee of students at IFAK Don Bosco Kimihurura
Rev. Father Ntirenganya and Father Asifiwe prayed for the new elected students committee
The outgoing committee received the recognition of fulfilling their duties effectively


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