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IFAK Don Bosco Resumes School with a Call to Discipline and Responsibility


IFAK Don Bosco students have returned to school on April 15, 2024, with a firm call to prioritize discipline and responsibility for their success, both now and in the future.

Rev. Father Ntirenganya Jean Bosco, the Principal of IFAK, emphasized the significance of this momentous occasion in light of Rwanda’s commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi. He urged the students to study the history of their nation diligently, recognizing it as essential groundwork for shaping their future endeavors.

Reflecting on the sacrifices made by past generations, Rev. Father Ntirenganya emphasized the pivotal role of today’s youth in advancing Rwanda’s development. He underscored the importance of studiousness and discipline, highlighting the youth’s responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s progress.

“In the next 30 years, you will be the stewards of this country,” Rev. Father Ntirenganya reminded the students. “To fulfill this role, you must steer clear of detrimental influences such as drugs and alcohol, focusing instead on seizing the opportunities afforded by advancements in technology, innovation, and science.”

With the commencement of the final term of the academic year, students were reminded of the urgency to utilize their time effectively. Rev. Father Ntirenganya stressed the significance of this term as their last opportunity to excel without the burden of repeating classes, which entails both financial and temporal costs.

“Discipline serves as the bedrock of all achievements,” Rev. Father Ntirenganya reiterated.

He elucidated the school’s strict disciplinary policies, outlining actions that warrant expulsion, including fighting and bullying, theft, two temporary dismissals in the same school year, giving or attempting to give a bribe and any other kind of corruption, falsification and forgery, alcohol and drugs abuse.

Intercourse (heterosexual and homosexual), riot and strike, introduction of spiritual group non-recognized by the school authority, having and spreading ideology of genocide.

As the students embark on this pivotal term, they are encouraged to make wise choices and fully engage with the educational opportunities provided. With discipline as their guiding principle, they are poised to realize their dreams and contribute meaningfully to Rwanda’s continued prosperity.

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