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“PLAY, DANCE, JUMP, BUT DO NOT SIN.(Don Bosco)” Exposition of the Students Talents at IFAK


One of the values of Don Bosco schools is to raise students in joy and freedom and friendship. This is done by organizing different para-academic activities that support learning and facilitate students’ recreation, and socialization with each other. 

These activities include sports, entertainments and other recreational activities. In this context, on 02/12/2022 at the IFAK School, there was a talent show. It is an event that has been well attended by all the students, teachers and school authorities.

The headmaster of IFAK School Rev. Fr. Jean Bosco Ntirenganya opened the event by greeting the participants, and then told the students that entertainment is one of the other ways of learning, 

as well as a talent that a person may continue to have in his life. He also added that entertainment is one of the pillars that helped St. John Bosco to  Unite the youth and  start a mission of caring  them. He added that  St. John Bosco used to say: “Play, dance, jump as much as you can, but do not sin.”

Preparations of that event have been organized in different clubs where the students are grouped. All clubs  exhibited what they do, especially those concerned with entertainment such as traditional dance, modern dance, media, music, modeling, choir, business club, etc.,. Individual students have also performed. It was a well-organized and eye-pleasing event. It has been characterized by many innovations. What was even more amazing was to see how in a short period of time and by combining it with the lessons, the students prepared the talent show in an amazing way. 

Some of the most amazing things happened when the students of the science club, represented by Daniel NGARUKA from Senior 6 and Brian from Senior 2, switched on an electric light from their own arts craft, simply by moving around a hand.  Another good was from Banna Pierrvi, a senior five student from the Arts club, who displayed a drawn portrait of Don Bosco that looks exactly like the picture of St. John Bosco. 

The fashion designers showed their innovations too: They were able to show traditional and modern clothes from more than ten countries around the world. In fact this talent show revealed that apart from academics, students have other skills that once well nurtured, could benefit them in the future.

At the end of the event, the Vice Principal in charge of studies thanked all the organizers of the talents fair. He promised that the talents show shall continue to be organized more often. 

The Dean of Studies also assured the students of IFAK that the school is ready to help them in every possible way to continue to care and nurture these talents, so that they will graduate from the school as people who are useful and have a great impact on the country.

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